Chess Algebraic Notation Tutor

–> Located Here <-- Lately I've working on improving my chess game by reading up on and practicing tactics. Most chess tactics guides describe the moves using algebraic notation, where each square of the chessboard is identified by a unique coordinate pair — a letter and a number. The columns of squares (called files) from White's left (the queenside) to his or her right (the kingside) are labeled a through h. The horizontal rows of squares (called ranks) are numbered 1 to 8 starting from White's side of the board. Thus each square has a unique identification of file letter followed by rank number. I wanted a way to drill (practice) this notation, so I wrote a small DHTML app that will present a chessboard with a highlighted square, then take input from the keyboard, and highlight the square green if the position guessed is correct, or red if it's incorrect. I'm also collecting analytics about the on the back end and will present the results if it gets enough use.

Dan Milliken

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